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An independent source of crowd finance industry data

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Our aim

Our philosophy in building the world’s data utility for crowd finance is to create a resource which encourages engagement with the market, reduces the data burden of those inside the industry and which fuels a new ecosystem of service builders. It’s a tool for understanding, promoting, progressing and contributing to a phenomenal movement in a more open financial world.

Why now?

In the last few years, crowd finance has established itself as the new, exciting, socially conscious way to raise and deploy money, with thousands of online money marketplaces moving many billions of dollars around the world for individuals, charities, business, the arts, and much more. Data is essential in fuelling the education of a market and its observers, giving power for both internal and external innovation and helping accelerate an industry into the mainstream.

Our offering

We are using "big data” engineering to manage disparate data from hundreds of crowdfunding and p2p lending marketplaces into a usable high-quality source. We capture and aggregate millions of data points on individual fundraises daily and offer access to this via our online dashboard or through a single API.

Who we are

We are a team of Oxbridge data engineers and technologists backed by private investors. Our CEO exited the world’s first community shares platform.

Emily Mackay is the founder and CEO of Crowdsurfer. Emily founded Microgenius, the UK's first community shares platform, now owned by Co-operatives UK. She was named as one of the top 100 TechCity people shaping digital business by TechCityInsider in 2013, and is a CEDAR Enterprise Fellow. When her head isn’t in the business, she is found cycling and playing the violin. Not at the same time though, that would be a feat.

Richard Baker joined Crowdsurfer as Chairman in February 2016 and is a leading expert on financial technology. He likes to invest in companies transforming the digital media industry, and most recently served as CEO of Cleartrade Exchange (CLTX), and as Chairman of Quiptel. When not working at the cutting edge of finance or digital media, Richard is to be found with his family, buying the latest gadgets, in the gym, windsurfing or trying to play golf.

Emmi Nicholl is the COO of Crowdsurfer. With a passion for pragmatic processes and sensible application of compliance standards, Emmi is generally behind the scenes at Crowdsurfer, making sure good stuff happens and bad stuff doesn’t. When she’s not at Crowdsurfer, Emmi can usually be found enjoying the flawless logic wielded by her 5 year old son.

Nick Brook is the CTO of Crowdsurfer. When he’s not designing funky crowdfunding analytics dashboards and basking in the reflected glow from his extremely clever team of developers he can be found careering down hills on a mountain bike. Or wading through flat Cambridge bogland hoping for a volcano.

Scott Sweden is Crowdsurfer’s sales manager, joining the company in January 2017. Having spent his formative years in the wholesale financial markets across multiple asset classes, he now takes up a similar mission, supporting the democratisation of data and finance. In his free time he likes reviewing all things tech, playing his guitar and looking after his kids, sometimes at the same time and with varying degrees of success.

Natasha Rutterford is Crowdsurfer’s Marketing Manager. She is interested in the use of innovation to break new ground; especially in emerging markets and situations where technology can revolutionise the lives of ordinary people. In her free time she is a history nerd who, when not travelling, spends far, far too much time playing cricket…

Valeria Cortez Vaca Diez is Senior Product Development at Crowdsurfer. She loves interacting with users and building new features according to their needs. When she’s not at Crowdsurfer, she spends her time dancing to any type of rhythm or learning some visually fun front-end programming.

Dr. Elvijs Sarkans is the Senior Data Engineer at Crowdsurfer. His love for all things mathematical, attention to data detail and commitment to the idempotency of data pipelines is totally eclipsed by his love of 80s music and glitter.

Dr. Simon Fothergill is the Head of Data Analytics at Crowdsurfer. He loves to carry out experiments and write algorithms that process the huge amounts of data supporting collaborative finance, in order to make the community more understandable. When not at the interface of human and machine interpretations of the world, he plays the trombone and piano.

Birgit Penzenstadler is the finance manager at Crowdsurfer. She helps out behind the scenes organising company admin work, sorting out finances and basically any other random yet necessary activity. Outside the Crowdsurfer world Birgit is busy supporting the German speaking community in Cambridge or exercising her DIY and gardening skills.

Enrica Picarelli is Data Researcher at Crowdsurfer. Her activities include updating the database and keeping the team abreast on all things crowd-finance and fintech. Enrica is also External Postdoctoral Associate at Lisbon University, where she studies and publishes about Afro-diasporic sartorial subcultures on participatory media.

Matt Michel is Head of Data Visualisation at Crowdsurfer. He loves data viz and shiny front-end frameworks. He HATES pie charts. He writes about front end stuff at

A gluten free warrior, Matt has created Gluless app for fellow coeliacs to share pubs and restaurants with each other.

Oliver Holms is the Executive Assistant to the COO and CEO. He helps out with the general office administration, diary management and ad-hoc tasks.

When he is not battling to be the best dressed man at Crowdsurfer, Oliver enjoys DJing (yes, it is a word, apparently) exploring National Trust parks, airshows, zombie-related computer games and sweets.

Harvey Forero is the Data Engineer at Crowdsurfer. Hailing from Colombia, Harvey is a Systems Engineer, who is passionate about programming and learning.

He likes to hunt down bugs in the code and improve the data engine. In his free time, Harvey likes playing video games, reading comics and going out with his wife.

Jon Wang is the Data Technician at Crowdsurfer. He loves an error rate approaching zero and tenuous metaphors. Like a cyber Captain Cook, Jon maps fields from the world wide web to the database with aplomb. When he is not vigorously ensuring data perfection, he can be found appreciating all forms of storytelling. Except opera. For now.