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Crowd finance and the future of work

This week, Google’s computer program AlphaGo defeated the world’s best player of Go, the ancient Chinese board game. It served as another reminder that automation and machine learning are here to stay and will have a huge impact on all of our lives. For many, this is deeply troubling. But it should be considered an opportunity – one that can only be realised with the help of the crowd economy.

The Deep Thinker - An Interview With David Gammon

This week we meet Crowd surfer investor David Gammon. David is founder and CEO of Cambridge-based advisory and investment business, Rockspring, a family company, run by David, his wife, Sarah, and their three sons. Its portfolio is made up of thirty-two past and present early stage companies, ranging from those with a billion pounds in turnover today to pre-revenue start-ups. David’s success as an investor is clear from the returns his portfolio has delivered but, in conversation, you discover he’s anything but an ordinary provider of early venture stage funding.

What will the end of Juncker mean for the future of the DSM?

This weekend, Jean-Claude Juncker confirmed he won’t be standing for a second term as President of the European Commission. The leadership change will affect all parts of the EC, especially the future of the Digital Single Market (DSM)

Brewing and crowd finance - just a lot of froth?

ne of crowd finance’s great success stories has been craft beer producer, Brewdog.

Last year, Brewdog closed what was at the time the most successful equity crowd raise in history, taking the total amount they have raised in the UK since 2010, via their infamous Equity For Punks campaigns, to £26 million.

The Guardian got it right: Agribusiness turns to the crowd for funding

In April 2016, the Guardian ran an article with the headline “Herdfunding: how the internet is raising money for farms”. It focussed on the trend of farmers turning to crowd finance instead of banks when looking to raise extra capital for their businesses.

What would a US interest rate hike mean for crowd finance investors?

In spite of the uncertain political outlook, US equity markets continue to soar, with the Federal Reserve anticipating further US economic strength in 2017 and ongoing selling in US bond markets. A fresh Fed rate rise across the Atlantic looks like a ‘when’ rather than an ‘if’.

Chart of the day: UK equity crowd finance in 2016

2017 is being tipped as a key year for equity crowd finance, with interesting developments on the horizon. We decided to take a closer look at what data from last year can tell us about future developments.


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